The road ahead is long and uphill. But Radja Nainggolan is doing everything to have no regrets. In the first leg against Bologna, he scored his first Inter goal. Versus the same Bologna last time, Inter were defeated at the San Siro but the Belgian showed the first, albeit timid, sign of awakening. He started and was on the pitch for 68 minutes, the longest since the game against Chievo on December 22nd. 

We are still at the beginning of the road that can lead to the rebirth, but the Nainggolan of today seems very different from the one that got suspended before Christmas. In training and in life, he is different, starting from the “pact” signed with Marotta and Spalletti during Christmas holidays. And the results are visible: at the end of 2018, he was very heavy, now he is back in shape with at least 4 kilograms lost thanks to personalized work at Appiano Gentile and a much more rigorous diet. Again, the road ahead is long with many games to play, many points to win: Spalletti needs the very best of Nainggolan, the player that he explicitly demanded Inter to sign last summer.

Source: GdS

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