Javier Zanetti, vice president of Inter, speaks to Millionaire magazine about the release of his new book “Vincere ma non solo.”

The beginning – “How did it all start? At Independiente which were the team of my heart, they told me that I was too skinny to become a professional footballer and it was a great disappointment. But that helped me to understand many things. At 13 years old, I did an audition without thinking about the past, I thought that it was an opportunity and a coach gave me confidence and things changed.”

Inter – “It was not easy for me to get to Italy but I developed a talent to adapt. I adapted to the language, country and football. I always trained, even on my wedding day although it was a scheduled session. I’m not crazy, my wife accepted it. Training is the key to success in all areas.”

Mourinho – “He has great personality, very good at motivating his players. He is intelligent and knowledgeable. He managed to convince us that he could get us where we were. His Inter never gave up, we always believed and helped each other. When extra effort and something different were needed, the group was always ready.”

Source: Passione Inter 

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