Both Marotta and Ausilio in recent years have often made moves in advance on the transfer market, bringing in players at no cost. This strategy will remain the same, even more so now that they are working together.

The big target is midfielder Ilkay Gundogan whose contract will expire with Manchester City in 2020. In the last few months, Inter have been paying extra close attention to the German player mostly to check his fitness because quality wise there is no question. Signing him would be an important operation given that Gundogan is asking for €9M per season. In previous years, this number is completely out of the club’s parameters but with no settlement agreement in July and perhaps Champions League next year, things could be very different.

Inter will have to challenge half of Europe and they hope to make just enough progress to snatch him away from competition. The problem is that big European clubs such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid even Juventus do have the financial means to negotiate with Manchester City for the player already this summer.

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