Sandro Sabatini, Mediaset journalist, discusses the case of Mauro Icardi which seemed closed last week but has been reopened by the comments made by the coach after the game against Lazio.

“Everything stems from a match in which Lautaro and Icardi played together. The same evening, Wanda said that Icardi is better than Lautaro. The next day, Spalletti and Inter took measure by removing the armband. And came the approval of players like Perisic and Brozovic. This situation was like that of a kindergarten, between unhappy and happy children. Yesterday, Spalletti attacked a player that wasn’t even there, avoiding any discussion about the game itself. Also why didn’t Gagliardini play yesterday? Yesterday he used very serious words against Icardi. Last year, he scored 30 goals and it was mainly thanks to him that Inter returned to the Champions League.

“In this whole thing, I would give 50% of fault to Icardi and Wanda and the other 50% to Spalletti. The captain’s armband was an act of bullying against him. In this situation, the coach has always thought about his own reputation and that was a mistake.”

Source: SM

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