The Italian media once again talks about the renewal of Mauro Icardi, does not fail to alarm Interisti about the never-ending interest of Real Madrid and also the words of Ausilio who made it clear that at least one star player will leave the city of Milan in the summer.

“In a couple of weeks, renewal discussion should restart which was interrupted after the both parties found themselves very far off of each other at the end of September (difference was about €2M). At the table of negotiation, Wanda will find Marotta and together, all will have to find a solution to a story that has created several embarrassing situations, often on social media and television, as the showgirl aims to increase her husband’s wage to that of Higuain and Dybala.

“It is difficult to imagine a quick and smooth solution and we have not even talked about the possibility of removing the release clause. Wanda is fighting to remove it or at least increase it. There is going to be a lot of work and while Maurito’s next objectives will be helping the team in the Champions League race, the other side of the coin is the risk of Inter to have a bigger wage bill because of his renewal.”

Source: CdS

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