Blessed silence, even with 300 people trying to sneak inside the Rinascente on a Sunday afternoon to snatch a photo of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara. Zero statements but the smiles and lack of words are more real and sensible, less invasive than a night tweet that does not change the immediate plans of Inter, but certainly helps to paint the outlines of the picture that is going to come. That is exactly it: an oil on canvas that continues to furnish the world of Inter quite well. When you arrive at the Giuseppe Meazza, all you have to do is listen because the pitch is telling you that Icardi deserves that contract renewal that has been in discussion for months.

Not for too long, this episode is about to be reopened, with the idea of closing the matter in a very short time. An appointment at the beginning of 2019, during Serie A winter break. Those will be the days when Inter new sports CEO Giuseppe Marotta, together with sporting director Piero Ausilio, will discuss the signature until 2023, thus extending the current contract (2021) for two more seasons. The desire to speed things up is there, even if there is still a fair bit of road to go. Because talks of the past few months led Inter executives to make an offer of €6M per season, including bonuses. Today, Maurito earns €4.5M fixed, which can go up to €5.3M with bonuses. Wanda Nara never said yes to the offer received but instead, she presented an counter offer of €8M net. Behind the widespread optimism, there has always been a decent distance between the parties. Marotta has full intention to close this negotiation positively, dealing with with release clause. 

The new CEO of Inter is not a big fan of release clauses, just does not consider it useful in the end for the policy of the club. This is why we do not rule out a different scenario than the past: in the last few months, increasing Icardi’s clause from €110M to €120M was assumed but now there is also the possibility that the new agreement could have it eliminated. And so now, Icardi is fast forwarding to his third contract with Inter, to the delight of Wanda. Marotta is ready to put the signature on another big contract of his career, he has managed to carry out the complicated agreements with Pjanic and Dybala.

Once contract signed and attention lowered, maybe there will also be time to go back to the tweet on Friday night with which Wanda played a game that Inter executives aren’t exactly fond of and this sentiment has been expressed to the player and the same Wanda. Maybe the silence of yesterday is the consequence of the last hours. It is certain that being a wife and at a same time an agent of the captain of the team is not easy, all the more reason for the media attention that Wanda Nara is good at creating around herself. In absolute terms, a top club goes on without these problems, or at least would like to see them limited. To understand each other: in eight days, we had gone from birthday party after Juve, to the trip to Madrid, and of course that tweet.

Perhaps too much. It is not ruled out that during this contract negotiation, the club may suggest to the Argentinian to have a different approach to everything that happens off the pitch. But anyway, we are right there in this contract talk. Icardi’s future is going to be tinted in black and blue. 

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