Inter and Milan are moving fast on the question of joint ownership. A month after the signing of memorandum agreement, the Nerazzurri and Rossoneri are practically in almost daily contact as both sides try to take a decisive step before the official meeting with Mayor Beppe Sala at the end of the year. 

Compared to the joint ownership agreement at the start of November, there is new development. New Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis explicitly is open to the idea of a brand new stadium for two teams. This hypothesis has never been discarded by Inter and Milan and now it will be at the center of the discussion. In fact, there are three projects: remodeling the historic Meazza, removing the third thing and decreasing the capacity to 60-65 thousand fans; building a new stadium without moving away from the San Siro area and taking advantage of the area near the current stadium; or giving birth to a modern area, in co-ownership, in a different area, which could be Sesto San Giovani, the land that Milan have had eyes on for the last few years.

Inter and Milan, led by CEO Alessandro Antonello and Ivan Gazidis, will meet Sala at the end of December. The City, which is the current owner of the Giuseppe Meazza (leased to the two clubs), has very clear ideas: they do not want Inter and Mlan to leave the San Siro area where in front of the stadium, a metro station was built and has been operational since 2015. That is why the Mayor himself used these words to respond to Gazidis: “Building a stadium in an area adjacent to San Siro would not hurt us. It would be a good alternative.”

Everything, however, is still open given that in the projects of the two Milanese clubs the date for the debut in a shared (new or remodeled) stadium is 2022. Meanwhile, the current Meazza remains a difficult symbol to retire: it is a stone’s throw away from Casa Milan and its profile can also be seen from the windows of the new Inter HQ, beyond the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova. A project to make it truly modern already exists. In its area, a museum, shopping center and cinema would be essential to make the stadium lively seven days a week to increase revenues for both clubs. But having two other options on the table strengthens the negotiation capacity of Inter and Milan which at the moment also think of building a brand new stadium: next to the Meazza or outside of Milan.

Whatever the decisions is, millions in revenues are on the line. Inter and Milan are moving fast but they have to choose which way to take.

Source: GdS

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