The unwritten rule is this: in the “hottest” days of the transfer market, a trip for leisure is enough to unleash the imagination of the fans. Because the presence of Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio in Cagliari, in the historic center of Su Cumbidu restaurant, did just that. “He came to take Barella away,” so they thought in Sardinia. Yeah, the idea is there but only to a certain extent. In reality, Ausilio was there to have dinner with his seven friends, for a birthday party but contacts between the Inter executive and that of Cagliari already happened a few days ago. 

It is no secret that Inter have Nicolo Barella on top of their wish-list for next season. Because last summer, due to the limitation of Financial Fair Play, they could only think and dream about him. After a few months, interest has only increased. The growth of Barella has been continuous and exponential, so much that he is even on the radar of big clubs in England. In Italy, there is Napoli. The Azzurri of De Laurentiis came out in the open and made an official offer but it was not fruitful. Inter have always tried to keep a low profile, ready to move decisively at the right time. Meanwhile, between the two clubs and between Inter and the player’s agent, the hypothesis of agreement to bring Barella to Appiano Gentile in the summer is already on the table.

Nicolo Barella, in agreement with Cagliari president Giulini, will stay with the Rossoblu until the end of the season and then they will sit down to find the best solution for everyone. The economic demand of Cagliari is well known: Giulini evaluates his star at €50M, the figure that De Laurentiis was ready to put on the table between cash offer and players such as Rog and Ounas, but Barella was not excited by the idea of joining Napoli. The player, in fact, was much more enticed by Chelsea where he is greatly appreciated by Sarri and Zola. But besides the Blues, Arsenal and Manchester United remain highly interested, which would be hard for Barella and Cagliari to say no.

Facing three financial superpowers in the Premier League, Inter are planning a different, more structured agreement. First, Inter priority remains that of finding as soon as possible approximately €40M in capital gains due to agreement with EUFA. Once the club is officially outside of settlement agreement, Inter will have more room to maneuver. Of course, the club would like to lower the overall evaluation by offering a cash offer of no more than €25M plus bonuses that are linked to the player and team results for at least another €10M. So we are potentially at €35M. Counterparts are inevitable in this type of operation: one or two players are going to be included in negotiation, perhaps with buy-back clause in favor of Inter. Cagliari like Pinamonti but they are also interested in Emmers and Vanheusden. 

Doing this would actually provide a long-term scenario, with wide-ranging collaboration between the two clubs in the future on young players to be bought or valued. Relationship between Giulini and Inter has always been good: an equal relationship is needed here, perhaps with the possibility of sending young talents to Sardinia, those that may find less space in Milan. Barella is the key to a long-term synergy far in the future.

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