“Trophies are my guarantee of success. There are those who want to ignore that but it is impossible for them. The last trophy that I won was the Europa League, happened a year and a half ago. Some think that it was 20 years ago instead it was a year and a half ago. I played in a final (FA Cup) eight months ago despite losing that one. My next chapter? it will not be in the Premier League.”

That was Jose Mourinho in an interview with Dazn, talking about what he wants to do next and also looking back at his past years at Inter.

“At Inter, I found an incredible family which made me happy every day in Appiano Gentile. In this connection with the fans, there were results because every time we won, it was like we went on a honeymoon. We won so much and created this empathy that remains among us. When I am out and about in London, an Inter fan comes to me, kisses and hugs me. This type of affection remains until this day. Italy was a natural habitat for me. In England, I have to be different in many situations and I am natural at it but in Italy, they experience football 24 hours a day. Very ‘Latin’ about it.”

The famous phrase “Io non sono pirla” – “That phrase was born because I studied so much from a fantastic teacher. He told me one day that I should learn a few words that will give me even more connection with the fans in Milan.”

Then the interview went on to do a “Rohrschach test,” showing images to Mourinho to understand what he sees. The first was the day of his Inter presentation: “I see Jose twice, Inter twice.”

Gesture of the handcuffs: “I see Jose making the gesture against Sampdoria, we drew that game 0-0 in just nine men.”

Moratti in Madrid: “I can still imagine that around us at the moment, given the president’s super happy face, the moment of joy of this Inter family.”

What effect do the color black and blue have on you? 


On Julio Cesar and that treble winning team.

“At this moment, someone from that group does nothing, trains, plays or is on vacation. But it’s like we are still living that moment as if we were together yesterday even though it wasn’t, it was nine years ago. I believe that something special is not possible just because that the coach is special, from a human point of view, that group was special. I helped so many of them get to the top of their careers but they too managed to accomplish it.”

Do you remember your speech before the semifinals against Barcelona?

“Yes, it came out of my heart because when I wont my first Champions League, my son didn’t remember it. But in that season, he told me that he wanted to win another Champions League to remember it forever. I talked to the players about it, talking about everyone’s children, saying that for many of them it was the last chance to win a Champions League. We had that feeling that we could play for five more hours and Barcelona wouldn’t have won it.”

How did the team react to Ibra’s departure?

“He was fantastic but he had an incredible self-esteem. He said that he wanted to leave to win the Champions League and at that moment I told him spontaneously: ‘Maybe we will win.’ That team transformed the fear of losing a great player like Zlatan into an objective: to win it without him.”

Talk about the decision of signing Sneijder.

“It wasn’t easy. One day Real wanted to sell, one day they did not. Oriali and I always wanted him and we had decided that he must come and risked it all until the very end. We put pressure on the president, who was a great fan of this team, and got until the end. And two days later, he played in a derby.”

On Maicon.

“Before a game in Siena, they told me that he used to get 5ft yellow card just before the Christmas break so that he can go to Brazil. In Siena, we played before the break and he had four yellow cards. I realized that he was waiting to get a 5th and so I said to him: ‘Don’t go on vacation if you get a yellow.’ And he replied: ‘What if I score?’ I told him to get two goals and he did. Then he got a yellow card for taking off his shirt but in the end he got an extra week of vacation.”

Lastly, about his future:

“Where will I go? I don’t know. I am not under pressure. I will be better prepared for it.”

Source: Dazn

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/24/mourinho-inter-are-family-i-remember-that-team-as-if-we-were-together-yesterday-barcelona-we-could-have-played-five-more-hours-and-they-would-never-score