Interview by Brazilian site Calciopedia, Gabriel Brazao, goalkeeper of Parma who arrived in Italy in collaboration with Inter, talks about this new and exciting adventure in the Italian league.

“Italy is a beautiful and welcoming country. I am happy to be here, the food is really good. When I have free time, I try to visit other cities. I have been to Rome, Milan, among other places. Parma is also a very beautiful city. I live in the center when I have time I always go for a ride and often fall in love with the city each and every time.

“Italian football is tactically of a very high level, with a great quality of athletes. However, there are a few differences compared to Brazilian football. I believe every country has something to improve. In Italy, there are better aspects than in Brazil and vice versa. The important thing is to learn from this diversity and to continue growing steadily.”

On settling in at Parma and an eventual arrival at Inter – “It is a process that, frankly, I do not think is so difficult thanks to the people who surround me and help me a lot. Parma welcomed me very well and it is making things easier. Inter? They are the biggest club in Italy, I can tell you that. It did not happen in last transfer market window but who says it won’t happen in the next one? I was disappointed at that moment but Parma are also a great club.”

Source: Calciopedia

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