Nicolas Tagliafico is one of the many surprises of Ajax as the Dutch club is enchanting Europe. According to several sources, the Argentinian fullback is wanted by Inter. To understand if this rumor has any solid foundation, FCIN contacted agent Ricardo Schilieper to discuss the ongoing situation.

“Tagliafico is one of the best left backs in the world. He is an important player for the Argentinian national team and of course in Europe where Ajax have established themselves as the biggest surprise of UEFA Champions League. For all these reasons, I understand why he is considered one of the best players in his role.”

It is said that Inter want to bring him here to Italy. What do you think about the Nerazzurri? 

“Inter are a great club. Together with my associate Giovanni Branchini, we brought a certain Javier Zanetti there. And I imagine that all Italian clubs want to stop this Juventus dominance. Inter and Italian football have always been attractive destinations for Argentinian players. We are Italians that speak Spanish. Everything is very similar, like staying at home. In terms of the league, it is a bit far away from that in the 1990s but there are several top clubs.”

Price and contact with Inter?

“Ajax have not put a price tag on him because they do not want to sell. We will see how the market evolves. The one who manages our players in your country is Branchini. Tagliafico has always been our priority for Italy but we will find him a club when the most appropriate moment arrives.. We will see what happens…”

Source: FCIN

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