The exit from the Champions League will certainly be reflected also from the economic point of view for Inter and Napoli. However, both sides can now “limit the damage” by going far in Europa League. 

The two Italian clubs, thanks to the new distribution of prizes in the most prestigious continental competition, have already secured a substantial share of the revenues (CL): according to Calcio e Finanza, Inter and Napoli pocketed €42.7M and €44.2M without considering the second part of market pool which can be worth a minimum of €3.9M to a maximum of €5.4M (this will depend on how far Juventus and Roma go in this competition). 

Inter could completely bridge this lost of profit by going all the way to the end in the Europa League: in fact, winning this tournament would guarantee €13.5M in prizes only, without considering the relative share of the market pool from the Europa League.

This is the financial breakdown for each knockout stage:

  • Qualification for the last 16: €1.1M

  • Qualification for the quarterfinals: €1.5M

  • Qualification for the semifinals: €2.5M

  • Qualification for the final: €4.5M

  • Winning the Europa League: €4M

In addition, the winner will participate in the European Super Cup which is an extra €3.5M in revenues. 

This is certainly a very long and complex path to the end just to equal the revenues of just one more match in the Champions League.

Source: Calcio e Finanza

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