Inter have officially left UEFA Settlement Agreement after fulfilling all requirements signed in 2015. This was the big news of yesterday and will continue to provoke many discussions and excitement in the coming weeks. The club knew very well that everything was in place for this announcement but the official approval that came yesterday finally puts an end to a long period of tears and blood.

However, the Gazzetta dello Sport clarifies that “Inter will continue to follow the requirements of UEFA Financial Fair Play like all the clubs in European competitions and leagues. And it starts with the balance sheet for this season which, to be closed in line with the break-even requirement, will have to gain another €40M in capital gains by June 30th.

“Starting next season, there will be fewer restrictions on the market: no more squad limit in UEFA competitions (will have 25 players like other teams) and above all, goodbye to the balance between purchases and sales that in 2016, for example, let to the exclusion of Gabriel Barbosa, Jovetic, Kondogbia and Joao Mario from Europa League.

“Furthermore, there will be no limits on amortization or depreciation. But it is not that you can spend as much as you want by relying on Suning’s enormous resources because the main principle of UFEA Financial Fair Play will always remain valid: clubs can only spend what they make, with a tolerance of €30M in cumulative losses over the last three years and the reduction of costs for youth academy and infrastructures.”

Source: GdS

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