To climb the steps to the top of the world, you need a Golden Ball. Or rather, the last Golden Ball winner in Luka Modric. The Croatian’s departure is once again at the finish line. That thin line that connects the maestro and Inter is never broken. Not even the storm that is Real Madrid could snap that string. Inter have always been there, a spectator with great interest in the evolution of this story. Inter were the club that he picked last summer when he thought about closing his Spanish career and had the desire to wear the striped shirt. The “never say never” that Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio repeats on any public occasion when asked about the Croatian is the portrait of a dream that never went away.

Modric and his agents know that Inter are willing to transform the repeated “stomach ache” (the last one was the defeat against Real Sociedad two nights ago) into a red carpet laid out all the way to Suning Training Center. Inter need a game builder and Modric is universally recognized in this regard and much more. The Croatian, before hanging up his boots, has directed his agents to bring him around Europe: he is a protagonist in La Liga, has already played in Premier League, not interested in Bundesliga and so Serie A is the only league that remains.

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