Inter dream of a top class player for summer 2019. If it was possible, as explained by the Corriere dello Sport, Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio would acquire one as early as January, but they are well aware that the Settlement Agreement signed with UEFA (expires in June 2019) does not give them any room for movement: only loans with option to buy. This is why big signings can only be realized starting July when Inter will give Luka Modric another thought. But there is another Real Madrid player that Inter desire so much: Toni Kroos.

The German has a release clause of €300M but he is no longer certain about a future in the Spanish capital. The case of Cristiano Ronaldo teaches us that if someone wants to leave and there is the ok from Fiorentino Perez, the release clause is not binding. For the moment, Kroos is considered out of reach but in a few months, the scenario could be different and that the former Bayern Munich player’s future would intertwine with that of Mauro Icardi.

In fact, in the Spanish capital, they are convinced that Don Florentino will aim to put the Argentinian under contract together with another top signing (Neymar or Mbappe). Icardi has climbed several positions up on the “desirables ladder” of Real Madrid and without a contract, the release clause of Maurito is very affordable for such a rich club. Real Madrid are the only club for which the number 9 could “betray” Inter. Marotta and Ausilio will not discuss the price of Icardi but will verify if the conditions exist to sign Kroos, an element that would be fundamental also for his experience in the Champions League.

Source: CdS

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