Despite Champions League elimination, Inter’s participation in that tournament brought fresh money to the club’s coffers: €42.5M, of which €14.5M linked to bonuses for participating in the group stage, €17.7M was for the historical ranking introduced this season, €7.8M as performance bonus and another €2.5M from market pool. Calcio & Finanza then specifies that Inter have already gotten an extra €4.5M from Europa League market pool even if the club gets eliminated by Eintracht Frankfurt.

Overall, as stated in the Inter Media and Communication report on December 31st 2018, Inter expected revenues of €265.6M from these sectors by June 30th 2019, an increase of approximately €26.9M compared to June 30th 2018. To be clear, Milanese club considered the worst case scenario (no bonuses from sponsorships for missing UEFA competitions next year, getting kicked out of Europa League this next round etc…) when they came up with this number. 

Source: Calcio & Finanza

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