Is Conte going to end up on the Inter bench in June? Who knows… but there are many clues connecting Conte to Appiano Gentile. Let’s start in order: in all likelihood, these remaining games will be the last with Luciano Spalletti on the bench. Yes, results are part of it but mostly because the Tuscan coach seems to be more and more detached from the Inter world and could really say goodbye in June.

And so Marotta and Ausilio are looking around, studying what to do and Conte, make no mistake about it, is at the top of their wish list. And according to an exclusive story on Agenti Anomini, the former Juventus coach is getting closer to the bench of Inter. Those who know him closely confirm that Conte is ready for a new challenge, a new challenge called Inter. The road ahead is a downhill one, nothing is finalized yet but the will of both parties are on the same direction.

In fact, Conte has been in contact with Inter for months and is increasingly convinced of restarting his coaching career again next season, aiming to bring Inter back to the top level where the club deserves to stay. 

Source: Agenti Anomini

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