Crescenzo Cecere, agent of both Ionut Radu and Adrew Gravillon, discusses the future of his clients.

“Gravillon has been on loan for two years, between Benevento and Pascara from January 2018 onwards. Last year, he had some difficulties because of coaching changes in the team but the arrival of Pillon has given him exponential growth. Now, he is calm and is owned by Pescara. Nothing will happen in January and if Inter are interested at the end of the season, we will listen. Obviously that the player is linked to the club because of his path in the youth academy.

“Regarding Radu, he is a great goalkeeper, has grown a lot in the first part of the season and he is proving that he can play in a big club. He has surpassed Marchetti and three good coaches Ballardini, Juric and Prandelli all confirmed him as starter. Inter? They have total control of Radu because of the agreement with Genoa (buy-back clause etc…)  and I think there will not be problems. If it’s not Inter, then there will be other teams: those in Spain and England are paying close attention.”

Source: FCIN

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