“We have improved a lot in every aspect of our club compared to the last five years and we will continue like this, as a team and as a club.”

Steven Zhang said these words last night at Inter Christmas Party. The Inter president fired up everyone with words of a true leader, who confirmed once again Suning’s desire to bring Inter back to where it belongs.

“2018 was great – he added – and there were extraordinary events for Inter like the return to the Champions League thanks to the goal of Vecino that everyone still remembers. We were competitive with the strongest teams in the world and compared to four, five years ago there has been a significant improvement.

“So what is our goal going forward? The time has come for our club to talk about winning a trophy or to aspire to reach the highest level. As a club and as a team, we have everything to win a title. This is not presumption, but it is trust and conviction. We will be able to beat everyone on and off the pitch, and after many years of waiting, we will have the chance to win.”

Source: FCIN

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2018/12/19/steven-zhang-inter-have-improved-significantly-in-every-aspect-compared-to-the-last-five-years-we-are-finally-in-position-to-talk-titles