Winning the Europa League would guarantee €13.5M plus the dedicated share of the market pool: the gap with the Champions League is evident (Inter already pocketed over €40M from this competition).

It is not only for the club financial account, Inter will also have a certain moral obligation to tackle Europa League with the right attitude.

“There is a lot of disappointment from Steven Zhang all the way down the club, but thinking back to the minimum objectives set at the beginning of the season, the possibility remains not to fall below sufficiency. From the enthusiasm born last summer to a sold-out season ticket campaign in early August, there have been 10 home games between Serie A and Champions League and the stadium has always been there to support the team. Pushing Inter (to win the Europa League) is the 640 thousand fans (overall attendance so far) who wanted to “see the stars” and paid tickets to actually be there in the stands. The whistles on Tuesday evening at San Siro, the very first of the year, must be canceled immediately.”

Source: GdS

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