Inter’s newest signing Cedric Soares speaks for the first time as a Black and Blue player.

“I am very happy, I have dreamed about this moment for a long time. Being here at Inter really is a dream come true, it is an incredible team and I am very happy to be here. First, I think it is very important to adapt to the team’s style of play. I have already seen Inter matches under Spalletti’s management and I really like how we play. I also had the chance to talk to Joao Mario to understand more about how the team works in general. I am very happy to be there and I believe that my style is completely adaptable to what Inter want to do. Clearly, it will take some time to settle and to understand how my teammates play in order to improve together with them. But I am sure everything will be fine.

“Joao Mario? He’s been a great friend for a long time. We grew up in the same club, he is a little bit younger but we get along very well: it is a pleasure to play with him again. He speaks very well of Inter and that he is doing great here: he is happy now that he plays most of the games. Joao also explains to me how the team plays and its football ideas. Inter play like a big team should, always wanting to control the game: it is a very organized team. I am very happy to have this good fortune to come here and be able to fight with him for the good of Inter.”

Cedric Soares also cannot wait to debut at the legendary stadium like the San Siro.

“It is legendary, I think all young players dream of being able to play in a stadium full of fans: it is normal to dream of a stadium like the San Siro, one of great history and many fantastic players have played here. I will tell you a story: I had a picture of a team in my notebook when I was in school. You know, kids always stick something on the cover of the notebook. And that was a picture of Inter because they were my favorite team as a kid. I like to believe in destiny since I am here now.”

The objectives for the remainder of the season are “I just want to play in front of the fans and I would like to help the team reach important objectives. Inter are still competing on several competitions and this is a positive thing. As for the national team, I would like a call-up. I will fight for a spot as usual.”


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