That feeling has always been there: you know, the feeling that Mauro Icardi has Juventus as his top priority over other clubs, including Atletico Madrid which have started to send signals towards Icardi’s direction. The Spanish club considers Inter number 9 as one of its transfer objectives now that Griezmaan and probably Costa will leave the club.

The tug of war produced by Wanda and her actions from photos, television statements, messages through friends are read by the club as desire to force their hands and to put Inter in a difficult situation. Wanda and Paratici (Juventus sporting director) have a good relationship going back to last summer when both sides did have several contacts, resulting in the Argentinian striker showing appreciation towards Juventus.

In the last month, the photo shoot of him and his wife irritated the club. This decision that certainly did not increase the admirers around the world of Icardi. But in recent weeks, it is especially fitting to recall statements of Wanda who has repeatedly confirmed the firm intension to stay of the former captain. With these words, Wanda actually pushes Inter to take responsibility publicly in case of a sale. And at that point, Icardi will be able to choose the destination himself. 

Basically: you want to sell me? And you are the same one that took the captain’s armband away? Then I will pick my next stop. The desire to stay in Italy of the family is confirmed, linked to Wanda’s work commitments. So Simeone’s Atletico Madrid are behind and PSG are third. 

The suspicion is that no move is the result of chance. Wanda knows that Inter want to sell Icardi but Suning is known for their standoff ability. Just look at the case of Ramires, he was only freed yesterday after 8 months spent in the second team of Jiangsu due to the unsuccessful move to Benfica last summer. In addition, three months ago, Steven Zhang said these words: “Icardi will never go to Juventus.”

Certainly it will be very difficult that former allies in Marotta and Paratici to sit down at the same table. A simpler possibility is for Marotta to sit down with Agnelli himself to deal with this matter. Inter will not be found unprepared. 

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