If there are many former players showing support for Luciano Spalletti when he used strong words to comment on the negotiation between Inter and lawyer Paolo Nicoletti, according to the Corriere della Sera, the club is not pleased.

“This mediation work was long and complex and not only Marotta but also president Zhang and former president Moratti that tried to resolve the differences. While if is true that Spalletti is right about the specifics of this case, it is also true that his words were intended to criticize the club directors and of course the player himself. Marotta was with the coach for not calling up Icardi (“He acted for the good of the team and protected the assets of this club”) but the Inter CEO is now very concerned about the repercussions that could occur after Spalletti’s comments. 

“In the future for both the striker and the coach will be far from Milan. At the end of June, Spalletti and Icardi will leave and with them will be many players of this current Inter squad. Antonio Conte remains the number one objective but if Inter cannot convince him to come, there will be another coach who is going to have a different striker. The time for Icardi in Milan has come to an end.”

Source: Corsera

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/1/inter-not-happy-with-spalletti-after-post-lazio-comments-he-and-icardi-will-leave-in-summer