Inter are about to leave UEFA settlement agreement. In these months, the Nerazzurri are still under agreement which was signed in 2015 but starting next July, Suning will have more freedom to operate on the transfer market, bearing in that UEFA Financial Fair Play will still remain in effect as all teams must respect it.

But the question is: is it true that Inter still have to raise 50 million for capital gains by June 30th? Marco Bellinazzo, in his article on, discusses the situation:

“Inter reached their goal of closing the balance sheet on June 30th, 2018 by raising 45 million in capital gains mainly thanks to the sale of promising young players in Primavera. By the end of the current year (June 30th, 2019), Inter do not have an obligation to reach a balanced financial sheet and therefore are not forced to make certain amount of capital gains.

“That being said, management have decided to pursue a relatively balanced sheet when it comes to revenues and costs to start next year completely free from UEFA and its sanctions. Since 2018, UEFA rules and regulations have imposed a further restriction on the admissible losses in three-year period (meaning after three years, clubs must not suffer losses unless it is only 5 million which is forgivable).

“Inter’s financial statement in 2017 ended with a loss of 17 million (after taxes). And the 2019 accounts will be heavier impacted in terms of costs due to new signings and contracts (Icardi’s for example), but there will also be benefits from playing in the Champions League and Europa League. The latter depends on how deep Inter will advance in the competition. In the end, Inter can just fill the red zone (losses) by sales. But even with 20 million could be enough. This should allow Beppe Marotta to move with certain agility on the market, without the weight of the past.”


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