For the first time since in ages (specifically since Thohir signed settlement agreement with UEFA in May 2015), Piero Ausilio will be able to operate the transfer market as early as June without having to spend the first post-season month sacrificing young talents to make even on the budget. With the sale of Radu to Genoa for €8M, Inter’s balance sheet can now be considered even. No more cases like that of Rafinha and Cancelo when Inter simply did not have the financial means to exercise option to buy. Regarding Politano, Keita, Cedric and Vrsaljko, redeeming these players will depend only on technical assessment without economic troubles.

For the Italian winger, his redemption is only a formality. We are just waiting to see if Sassuolo are willing to accept one or two young players to lower the €20M needed and to allow Inter to make capital gains which are not required but it doesn’t hurt. The only doubt could arise because Antonio Conte has not used formation with attacking wingers in his career. But there is different moment to address this topic. The situation for Keita is more complicated seeing how Marotta and his transfer market team are looking at other profiles on the market.

The revenues of Inter could go as high as €400M for this financial year (ends June 30th): a figure not far from what Juventus had before the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. Making the Champions League next season would allow Inter revenues to increase about €50M including participation prizes, television rights and box office receipts. For this reason, it will be essential to close the year again in top four so Suning can move even more freely when July comes.

While Inter are closing the year with positive financial balance, we cannot say the same about Milan and Juventus as Inter’s rivals will close the year in the negative. If for the Turin club, it is easily attributable to the Ronaldo operation which weighs €85M on their budget, the situation of Milan is certainly more difficult. Leonardo has done a lot of work in the last few transfer windows and Milan’s balance will be in the red for about €80M. 

Source: FCIN

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