Deloitte’s Football Money League uses economic data extracted from the annual financial statements of each club or group, plus from other direct sources. Looking at the 2017-2018 numbers, they once again certify the growth of Inter which thanks to the strategies of Suning, the club has embarked on virtuous path on and off the pitch. 

At the top, we see Real Madrid leading the Deloitte ranking of the most 20 profitable football clubs in the world with revenues of €750M. There is no Italian team in the top 10. Behind the Blancos, there is another Spanish team in Barcelona climbing one position compared to last year and Manchester United are dropped to third.

“There are four (one more than last year) Italian teams in the ranking of the top 20 clubs with the highest revenues. First, Juventus are down one spot from 10th to 11th with revenues just under €400M. Inter gain one position to 14th, same applies to Roma (15th) and Milan (18th). Both of these club return to Deloitte top 20 after the absence of last year. Thanks to Champions League performance of Roma, which allows the club to obtain brilliant result of +46% compared to previous year. Napoli are out of top 20.

“Inter? The change of ownership in 2016 and the consequent greater visibility of the brand in the Asian continent, combined with the qualification of 2018-2019 UEFA Champions League, have certainly given a positive boost to the club revenues which has grown by €18.7M compared with last year, reaching €280.8M.”

1) Real Madrid (750,9)

2) Barcellona (690,4)

3) Manchester United (666)

4) Bayern Monaco (629,2)

5) Manchester City (568,4)

6) Psg (541,7)

7) Liverpool (513,7)

8) Chelsea (505,7)

9) Arsenal (439,2

10) Tottenham (428,3)

11) Juventus (394,9)

12) Borussia Dortmund (317,2)

13) Atletico Madrid (304,4)

14) INTER (280,8)

15) Roma (250)

16) Schalke 04 (243,8)

17) Everton (212,9)

18) Milan (207,7)

19) Newcastle (201,5)

20) West Ham (197,9)

Source: Deloitte’s Football Money League

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