Now that Barcelona and Inter have found the common path to bring Ivan Rakitic to the Nerazzurri, all the attention shifts to the choices of the Croatian midfielder. Lips were shut yesterday at both Inter and Barcelona headquarters on the subject. The season is in full swing and so it is wise to keep it a low profile. Of course, Giuseppe Marotta already met with his colleague in general director Pep Segura and their personal relationship is greatly facilitating this operation between the two clubs.

The agreement is set at around €40M although payment methods and the inevitable discussion of bonuses must still be agreed. If in Barcelona, president Bartomeu will have to share the final ok with his directors, at Inter the last word obviously belongs to president Steven Zhang. And it is symptomatic that just the other day, the boss of Inter promised a great transfer window. After closing for Diego Godin for free (this deal is done after receiving the signature), it would be important to secure Raketa, the rocket of Barcelona and Croatia. 

Details – Marotta and Ausilio are working hard to close this deal relatively quickly. Now the goal is to define the details of negotiation with Dejan Rakitic, brother and also agent who is leaning on a family friend in Giacomo Petralito (Inter know him very well) in this delicate phase of Ivan’s career. Petralito played a decisive role in the exhausting back and forth with Wolfsburg for Ivan Perisic. Fortunately, everything is proceeding smoothly and thanks to the player who is determined to join Inter. Just to understand, in the past few weeks, there were many clubs coming forward for him: Manchester United but also Arsenal from the Premier League but there were also Monaco and PSG (looking for someone to replace Rabiot who, ironically, is joining Barcelona).

Pay raise – Facing all these clubs interested in him Ivan remained impassive, mostly because he already had Inter in his head, especially the multi-year deal that the Nerazzurri are willing to offer: until 2022, €6.5M net per season. This proposal guarantees him an increase of one million euros a year, compared to his current wage in La Liga. Evidently, Rakitic is attracted to the idea of giving his contribution of experience to a team that is expected to improve significantly next season especially in Europe.

We can also add that to the pleasure of finally being able to play in Serie A after missed opportunities with Juventus (before going to Schalke in 2007) and with Milan (in 2011 before moving to Sevilla). And for this reason, the chance of wearing the shirt of Inter will offer him an opportunity for revenge. And also Raquel Mauri, his wife, loves the city of Milan, the city of fashion and shopping. Oh and also let’s not forget the fact that Basel is not so far away and this allows him to finally be closer to the parents. 

Weight of bonuses – Next week, new and important events are scheduled. As mentioned above, Inter management has already outlined the general terms of the offer. But as always happens in these cases, it will be important to clear all the contractual aspects and it starts with bonuses, strategic leverage in getting first class players. In short, there is optimism. In these “hot” days of Mauro Icardi, the Spanish light gives Inter world a precious and much needed charge of positivity. Brozovic and Perisic, Ivan’s countrymen, are impatiently waiting because Inter still have other things to think about.

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