Inter are working to quality for the Champions League next season which would add many more millions to the club’s coffer. From a financial point of view, Inter’s future is more than solid. As Il Giorno points out, “having a giant like Suning is a massive help. The Chinese company has brought in huge investments in sponsorship especially from the far East thanks to the connections that the Zhang family has. Thanks to Champions League football (almost), revenues will grow further and should reach 400 million euros this year.”

The latest company that just joined Suning’s partnership group and already advertises around the San Siro is Samsung. This is just another signal showing that Inter are growing internationally despite the fact that results in cup competitions are still lacking: only group stage in Champions League this year, quarterfinals in Europa League due to many injuries and shorter squad-list due to UEFA settlement agreement.

“The balance sheet closed last June, without Champions League revenues, had record increases in terms of revenues, the highest since 2010. In two months, as mentioned, you will see the effect of returning to Europe, something that Suning is demanding Spalletti and the players to repeat. Meanwhile, recorded 25% increase in venues in first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

“In recent weeks, thanks to the presence of Samsung which occupies advertising spaces at the San Siro, there has been rumor of a possible change between the Korean giant and the current main sponsor in Pirelli. Possible but it is not going to happen immediately as there is a contract between the Italian brand until 2021. This agreement was signed back in 2016 and there is still time for Pirelli to re-evaluate the option of increasing their offer.”

But first, Inter must have success on the pitch. As Giuseppe Marotta said it a few days ago, “economic successes will have to be pushed by sporting results.” And for this reason, it is still being decided if Suning wants to continue with Spalletti or make a huge investment on getting a new coach. Also, how much will be spent to strengthen the team.

We will have a much clearer picture in two months, after June 30th.

Source: FCIN1908 – C&F

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