Fiorentina are trying to acquire Roberto Gagliardini and Torino are also thinking of getting a negotiation started with Inter. Tuttosport confirms the possibility that the former Atalanta midfielder could soon leave Appiano Gentile.

“The Viola would like to have him on loan and in exchange, Inter are asking for an option on Chiesa, Pioli’s brightest star. Gagliardini spent the last five games on the bench and if he were going to leave, he would be an added value to Mazzarri’s Torino team. Inter do not want to have a capital loss in this case, wanting at least €20M for the midfielder.

“Unfortunately, neither Fiorentina nor Torino are willing to recognize this figure for Gagliardini. The road to take ahead could be just for a loan but with option to buy. Putting an obligation in there is also a hypothesis but certainly not at €20M.”

Source: TS

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