Hong Kong investors are ready to replace Thohir and this is going to be a very positive turning point according to the Corriere dello Sport as there will be only benefits for Inter and for Suning.

“Another minority owner that has the willingness to invest and they will lighten the commitment of the Chinese group, solving the problems of exporting money from China. We need to pay close attention because there will be benefits for Inter which will be even more solid (less debt) in all senses, relying on another shareholder of this great magnitude.

“Furthermore, it is believed that the significant growth of Inter has accelerated negotiations. Everything revolves around the increase in revenues that the club has. This will allow Inter to go after great champions like Kroos, or more investment bigger number on the transfer market in general. Thanks to Suning and its network, in just a couple of seasons, Inter have added €100M in commercial revenues. Well, now that this network will expand in Hong Kong, with a consequent spread even more so in various Asian markets. Not to mention the new potential channels for other areas of development such as the academy or the one concerning the stadium. In short, the gap with Juventus remains wide but Inter will be in a position to fill it faster.”

Source: CdS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/1/13/hong-kong-investors-will-only-bring-benefits-inter-will-have-less-debt-more-transfer-investment-commercial-revenues-and-opportunities-for-growth