An investment fund in Hong Kong is seriously interested in buying Inter. The news is released this morning by Il Messaggero which reveals that there is already a first offer to Nanjing. Offer, however, was returned to sender by Suning.

“At the moment, Zhang Jindong does not seem to have any intention to sell the club, but facing a monstrous offer like €800M, negotiation could start,” the paper says.

But the Gazzetta dello Sport has that this story is not quite correct. Because according to them, they are not interested in buying Inter, but only the shares of Erick Thohir. The Milanese newspaper reports that this is the goal of an investment fund in Hong Kong that could soon be supporting Inter side by side with Suning. 

“Dialogue between Suning and Erick Thohir has been ongoing for months for the sale of the Indonesian’s 31%. Both sides have repeatedly sought an agreement but the evaluation of this percentage is not agreed. The situation is evolving – says the pink paper – it is no coincidence that last October, the same Thohir resigned from the position of International Sports Capital director.

“This investment fund in Hong Kong is very interested in Thohir’s 31%: a growing interest that all parties involved will have to discuss. There was a meeting in Hong Kong in October to facilitate negotiations. We are not at the moment of signatures but this operation is well underway. With no surprises, Thohir could soon leave the club and Suning can continue their Inter project with this investment fund as a travel companion.”

Source: GdS – Il Messagero

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