Yesterday, we had the statements made by Wanda Nara. Today, it is Mauro Icardi’s turn to respond to the speculation in the media.

This morning, the Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Inter would love to hire a third party (intermediary) to continue negotiating for Mauro Icardi’s contract because the club simply cannot stand Wanda Nara anymore.

And so here is what Mauro Icardi has to say about the matter:

“Where do these sentences come from? Is it possible for a newspaper like the Gazzetta dello Sport to write shit like this? I would like to point out that I am very happy and satisfied with the work that we have done together. And because of this, it will always be Wanda Icardi who will take care of my interest until the end of my career.

“I also want to clarify to all the fans who read pseudo journalists and ‘serious’ newspapers, which write without knowing or giving instructions without knowing what the facts are, that my renewal will happen when Inter make an appropriate and concrete offer. Only then, we can truly speak about a new renewal, avoiding the lies that are wildly spread.”

Source: Icardi’s Instagram

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