Speaking to Eurosport Sweden, Marco Materazzi suggests that in order for Inter to continue growing, the club needs to follow Atletico Madrid’s path of recent years, meaning at least trying to win the Europa League.

“Yes, absolutely. Inter have history and the right players and so the right thing would be try to win Europa League, especially they are already at this point of the tournament. Winning it would then open doors for the European Super Cup which in turn could allow them to beat the Champions League winner. There is a saying in Italy that ‘your appetite grows when you eat’ and Inter need to get used to winning trophies again, something that has not happened for 7/8 years.

“When I arrived at Inter, I did not win anything and my teammates were the same. Then a few players came and helped us to do win things and so I must thank them for that. When you least expect it, you can start winning and everything else becomes automatic. Inter must regain this habit again and that is raising trophies: whether it is the Coppa Italia, Europa League or other tournaments, the important thing is to win. It makes it easier to keep on winning.”

What player that can make a difference in Europa League?

“There are many. Inter have many great players: Nainggolan, Perisic and Icardi for the goals that he has scored but let’s not forget Handanovic, De Vrij and Skriniar. What they need to do now is to regain their form that they had just before Christmas. Few games after the break, the team has not been fortunate and they have not had the right mentality. Inter need to find the form that they had in the Champions League when the team was doing well, that team did everything they had to do in order to make it through the group. If Inter can start playing like they did up until December, I think there will be no problems for this team to go far in Europa League. You will have to see and evaluate from round to round, the deeper Inter can go, the will to win and physical condition get better as well. And with a bit of luck, you could also see your greatest competition getting eliminated. It happened to Inter in the Champions League when the team was eliminated unexpectedly.”

Source: Eurosport Sweden

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