The name of Jorge Mere has recently come up as a potential target of Inter. The Spanish defender certainly has a bright future as he has been compared to Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique. Speaking to FC Inter News, his representative, Gelu Rodriguez, talks a little bit about the rumors themselves and also about his client.

“He is a very strong, with maturity of a veteran player even though he is only 21. He does well with the ball, is always in the right position, very competitive. He steps on the pitch every time to give 100%. Inter? He is a U-21 for the Spanish national team and is followed by the biggest clubs in the World. Jorge already has 100 professional games under his belt and is on the list of big clubs.  

“Despite his young age, Mere is ready for any team, including Inter because he knows how to handle pressure. For the last two transfer windows, he was a transfer market objective for some Italian clubs. Jorge is very attracted to Italian football and for now I have to say that he is happy at Cologne and is definitely focused on achieving seasonal goals with the club. Time will tell if his dream of going to Italy will come true.”

Source: FCIN

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