During interview with Il Secolo XIX, Giuseppe Marotta speaks about the divorce with Juventus and he does not hide the bitterness at the end of a long and successful relationship.

“It was time for a change. The executives with me were growing and taking in more responsibility so the club decided it was time for the generational change. Of course, change could be better managed but I will mention Nelson Mandela who said ‘in life you never lose, you either win or learn.’ In my case, a door closed but another opened up.”

Few words on Mauro Icardi.

“He is a talent, a talent that has not yet become a champion. He is 25 years old and needs to focus on all of his experiences to improve daily.”

Source: Il Secolo XIX

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/2/11/marotta-juve-divorce-it-was-time-for-a-change-icardi-talent-but-not-yet-champion