“It is normal to miss it but I continue to follow with my usual and great passion.”

Although it has been three years since the sale of his shares to Suning, Massimo Moratti remains the biggest fan of “his” Inter: “It is very nice to find old friends again, thanks to them that I can think of many unique moments spent together,” referring to meeting Beppe Baresi and Beccalossi on the occasion of presenting the 6th Facchetti Memorial.

President Moratti, Juve already won the title, is this an advantage for Inter?

“Absolutely not. They still want to prove that they are the strongest team. I expect hard-fought and spectacular 90 minutes and to win it, Inter must play a great game.”

Against them, it is never just a normal match.

“As far as I am concerned, it has more weight than the Milan derby. Absolutely, Juventus remain our number one rival. You know, with all that happened in the past…”

How can Inter reduce this gap?

“Often what seems very distant is instead closer that one might think. True, they have been winning for so many years but Inter are not far away. The club does not lack much to reach Juve. When there is perfect organization, this club will do great things.”

The new CEO, can he be an added value?

“The presence of Marotta is fundamental, his arrival confirms that there are excellent foundations for building an important future. He will play a prestigious role and his career speaks for him.”

As a president, how would you handle the Icardi situation?

“Honestly, I would have tried to do something different. It seems to me that a little too much has been said about it… But things have gone in a certain way and it must be accepted now.”

Meanwhile, people continue to talk about Conte but also Mourinho.

“This matter, one of a new coach, is an issue that only concerns current management. I will say this: Spalletti is a very good and talented coach.”

Regarding the current stadium, the San Siro, it could be demolished.

“That would excessive. We are talking about one of football symbols in the world where there were many wonderful moments and a lot of winning too. But again, these situations involve Inter, Milan and the city. I hope that we can continue at the San Siro, perhaps by remodeling it.”

How do you imagine Inter in the future?

“I hope to see as soon as next year an Inter that challenges for the Scudetto and Champions League. I know it is very difficult but dreams are like that. They are made to become reality.”

Before we end here, what would be a big Moratti type of signing?

“If it were possible, I would go strongly for Mbappe. He is my favorite, nobody is like him today.”

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