Speaking to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Jose Mourinho believes that he remains one of the best coaches in the world and still has so much to offer his next club.

“My last trophy wasn’t 18 years ago, but only 18 months. I always win every season since 2003. My comfort zone is this: success and it is my natural habitat.”

Mourinho, many are waiting to know your future.

“It is a period of my life where I analyze what I see, read. I look around, study and enjoy TV with my collaborators (DAZN Brazil, RT and beInSport). I am very calm. At the same time, I have this incredible desire to return.”

The critics say that you are no longer “special” like once were…

“I am the same as before. My comfort zone is winning each year since 2003 (with Porto). I have never left this natural habitat, or rather, I did for only 18 months. The Europa League victory with United wasn’t 18 years ago and now I have more desire than ever to return. I am super in shape and fired up like it is my first day.”

Looking at Italy, the Scudetto race seems done. You won it twice…

“Yes, it was closed quickly as Juventus did not have to face great difficulty. Good for them of course but in terms of Italian football, it is a bad thing. But fortunately, the race to Europe is still very open which creates motivation and attention. I am convinced that the quality of Italian football is increasing. For example, coaches are giving more space to young players who are doing very well.”

What do you imagine for the future of Italian football?

“Other big clubs are working to ‘attack’ the dominance of Juve. I have a feeling that in a short time, we will see a more entertaining Serie A with a higher level. Competitiveness will increase, same with investment. And world class players will have more reasons to choose Italy.”

Coach, would you come back to Inter?

“I prefer not to answer this question. But for the future, I am looking for a club where there is total empathy and happy people for me to work with. When I was in Milan, all of it was there.”

Some big names could soon be eliminated from the Champions League?

“We are only in the round of 16 and so it is too early to talk favorites. From the quarterfinals onwards, it will be different. At that point, each team will have 12.5% chance of winning it. Obviously one between Juventus and Atletico Madrid and between Bayern Munich and Liverpool will be eliminated. So, two big clubs will have to leave but we will see very beautiful and competitive quarterfinals.”

Thought on the competition so far?

“So many teams are based on tactical discipline and defensive organization. They know that every detail can change history. Of course, there are world class players who can change games with their magic.”

Source: GdS

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