Even Argentinian people are talking about the penalty on Sunday night when it was taken by Ivan Perisic after a short conversation between the Croatian winger and Mauro Icardi. 

Newspaper La Nacion talks about the event: “When Mauro Icardi got the ball to take the penalty, Perisic came and took the ball away from him (the reality of the situation was there was a cordial conversation between both players and Icardi let Perisic take the spot kick). This is just another situation after series of events of the last two months and everything suggests that the final end is yet to be written. For two months, Icardi was going through the worst moment since he arrived at Inter. There were (and still are) many rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid that will be finalized this week. It was also said that Icardi could even lower his wage demand to facilitate his arrival in Madrid.”

Source: La Nacion

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/4/16/la-nacion-icardi-is-going-through-worst-period-since-arriving-at-inter