La Repubblica is convinced: Antonio Conte will be the future coach of Inter. The recent outburst done by Luciano Spalletti at the end of Inter-Lazio was not at all appreciated by the club and its managers. 

Giuseppe Marotta, reportedly, had to explain to the 28th richest man in China (Zhang Jindong) how it is possible that a coach, who is destined to leave at the end of the season, can attack a striker like that after leaving him in the stands while his team, without strikers, lost at home against a direct competition for the Champions League race. Because Zhang has been very clear: the goal is to play in Europe, the real competition, and there is no time to lose because of this issue. 

La Repubblica explains that “Spalletti did clarify with Marotta and it seems that most of the players really appreciated the coach’s hard stance on the matter. It is precisely because of the relationship with the players that the club, although annoyed, is determined to finish the season with Spalletti on the bench.

But in June, a change will happen. There is a great feeling between Inter and Antonio Conte to the point that the former Italian national team coach is now “booked” for next season because according to Marotta, he is the right man for the Champions League project.

Source: La Repubblica

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