According to La Repubblica, Mauro Icardi only sees himself at two clubs next season: Inter or Juventus.

“Icardi has ruled out playing abroad and at the moment he sees his future at Inter or Juventus. Soon he will leave the house in the San Siro area where he lives, next to several teammates, for a property that he has purchase din the Repubblica area. He is emotionally tied to Inter and does not consider Juventus as an inevitable destiny. 

“He loves the city of Milan so much that he wants to stay despite hearing Curva Nord insults at every single home game now. Mauro could also stay even with the re-confirmation of Spalletti who appreciates his ‘seriousness in training,’ among the first to arrive and last to leave.”

The captain’s armband case is now behind us all. Between him and Spalletti, there is a strong and implicit pact: the priority is to bring Inter to the Champions League. Since that case in February, his relationship with four players, not all of them of Slavic origins, is cold. Nainggolan was instrumental in easing tension.

Source: La Repubblica

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