Here is La Repubblica story on what has happened over the last day or so.

“Icardi returned to his home which is very close from the San Siro, threw himself on the bed and stayed like that for an infinite amount of time without moving. He was (still is) so devastated which really worries Wanda Nara who has begun to reflect on the escalation of tension in recent months. When things were heated, she tried to contact Marotta but the decision was made.”

Going forward, future scenarios will not only about contract situation but also about the future of Icardi’s entourage.

“Now many will ask Wanda to stop and think it over, even other representatives in Icardi’s team will do the same. In the coming days, there will be a meeting between Wanda, Mauro and his two other agents in Ulisse Savini and Pino Letterio. These are the people who helped to discover Mauro in the youth academy of Barcelona and bring him to Sampdoria. It will be an opportunity to talk about a different management strategy that loosens the pressure on the striker. Yesterday was a huge blow and to restart, everyone needs to take a step back.”

Source: La Repubblica

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