Liverpool fans want Jurgen Klopp to make changes, while Man Utd supporters think Jose Mourinho is wanted in Spain, all in our forum.


I think they’ll park the bus and it will take us a while to break through but we will. I hope Ramsey starts. Arsenal to win 3-0 COYG!



I actually think this is a much tougher game given the fact they seem to be always up for it against us,and have a very good home the back of my mind i keep thinking if we can’t beat them now,then we never will.

my brother’s a manc and he thinks if we play like we did yesterday then we will beat them 3-1.we are of course away from and not at the emirates and it will be interesting to see how much yesterday did take out of us given utd have had an extra day.all in all i’m feeling this is our best chance in years but also know this game is so i’ll go with my brother manc and say 3-1
to us.



Wow people are being too expectant from our team.Our track record over there is terrible,mostly because we’ve not gone with the right mentality.Man united might be playing poorly but they still have one of the best squads in the PL and I expect them to be up for this one.

We have to go with a fighting spirit.I’d be ecstatic if we come away with a win,but i can’t see it.It will be a very tough game.I’ll go with a score draw 1-1.

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Apparently there’s a virus affecting the dressing room in Man Utd, Pogba-itis has been rampant for over two and a half years now and it’s having a devastating impact on all concerned. Jose is very worried and has asked about getting immunisation but it’s endemic. It seems the only cure might be to sell Pogba bringing the club over £100m. What are we waiting for?



It’s a bit of a Catch 22 for him isn’t it killyboye? He’s clearly downed tools so he’s not showing anything like the sort of form that might persuade a club of the stature he thinks he’s at to pay the sort of money that would persuade us to sell. And he’s on a long enough contract for us to shrug and play the waiting game.

The only way out I can see is if his greedy fat mess of an agent can persuade another player from his stable to come in the other direction in a face saving swap deal.

After all the excuses that have been made for him down the years I can’t wait for the day when he metamorphosises in to this world class player we keep being told about. Just looks like a little lost rich boy to me.

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Where’s Bailly at? Also injured?



Problem with his back I think for Bailly.

Hearing stuff about him being one of those Louis Saha types who is very quick to say hes’s “not feeling quite right” and pull out of a game with the medical team scratching their head about what the actual problem is.

F**king wish I could have that luxury starting a week when every wants my balls in a clamp and to sink me. Oooooh, my toe hurts leave me alone.

No mufc, no pics.

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Never would have put him down as that type but it probably explains why Mourinho has seemingly discarded him this season. A potential centre back pairing of McTominay and Rojo. This is looking like being a very long f**king night on Wednesday.

Heard from a big Madrilista here today that there is a lot of talk Perez is really pushing to get Mourinho back to Madrid. Might explain why he seems to have thrown the towel in



Jose Mourinho Manchester United

Only a bit of back and forward Tommy. I take that as part of the craic and banter on here. It happens.

What he was saying is that it’ll defo be the summer either way. They won’t be appointing a third manager during the season. Word is Mourinho doesn’t want to come back to Spain because he has big enemies in the media and with others connected to Madrid but Perez really wants him to oversee the rebuild they are planning for next year. They are apparently really trying to sell it to his agent Mendes.

With his ego he will be looking for a big club after Utd. Reckon it’ll be either PSG or Madrid. PSG makes more sense. Guaranteed league titles and bottomless pit of coin.

Agree that he came with the best of intentions and wanted to build a legacy at the club. I still remember his first press conferences when he was saying he wanted to win everything and calling the club a giant etc. You could tell he really wanted to be at Utd. Ultimately his ego and signings have killed him. I also think Woodward has been going behind his back talking directly to players agents and that has undermined the manager with players like Pogba.

Biggest worry is who takes over next? Would be happy with Poch but cant see how we get him out of Spurs with this new stadium and 5 year contract he signed in May.



Good post(s) Tommy. That’s the biggest problem for me, you just don’t know which team will show up. I’ve wanted Jose to be successful I really have, he’s done it at times but he just doesn’t get any consistency out if this team. And you just don’t know if Martial is going to score a worldy or walk around all afternoon sulking.

You don’t know if Pogba is going to turn up as the French version or the Brighton version. Is Herrera going to be all over the pitch winning the ball back or is he going to look like a 33 year old on his last legs. Lingard, Lukaku, Mata, Rashford – all great on their day but sh*te on their off days which far outshine their great ones.
Which is why we could beat Arsenal, we could draw or we could get smashed to bits!



LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 02: Jurgen Klopp, Manager of Liverpool gives the thumbs up to his players during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Everton FC at Anfield on December 02, 2018 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Burnley are not going well this season. Currently sitting in the relegation zone, they are not the same team of the last coupla seasons.

Klopp is constantly telling the players that the next game is the most important and the only one they’re focusing on but you can be sure he’s privately planning games ahead.

After the last international break we started a run of games where we play every 3/4 days until Jan. Weve just beaten Ev, we play Burnley Wed, Bournemouth at the weekend then a do or die game v Napoli quickly followed by the game against Utd.
Taking all that into consideration I’ll be very surprised if theres not a lot of changes for this game.

I would not be surprised if Origi/Sturridge starts this game. Can see Hendo coming back in, a possible start for Kieta, Milner coming in. Even Lovren and Moreno starting.
I know a lot of people won’t be happy but this game represents the best opportunity to rest players for the next few games.

Klopp may decide to stick with the 4-2-3-1; I wouldn’t. I prefer we went 4-3–3.
Perhaps a team along the lines of..
Gomez, Lovren, VVD, Robbo
Hendo, Milner, Kieta
Salah, Sturridge/Origi, Mané.

We may even see a completely new formation for this game. A 3-4-3 or a 4-4-2.

I think what I’m trying to say is to expect changes.

City must be getting pretty pissed of with us now. If Peps recent comments are anything to go by we’re defo in their heads. For all the goals and results and lovely football they’re playing we are still on their tail keeping the pressure on. Winners like yesterday will have wound them up a little. They play Watford on Tue night so not an easy game.



Fabinho Allan TEAMtalk

Ya, a really good post and thread opener. The psychology of it all will grow and grow with each match that they win and gain nothing. I agree that we might see some changes with players rested. Maybe those changes won’t be too extensive though, as I think we play a style of football with wear and tear as a potential priority. I wouldn’t go with a brand new formation and I’d even be a little surprised to see the 433. the kinks have yet to be ironed out with the 4231 but I think he’ll stick with it.

Team we might see/players rested :

Trent – Gomez – Van Dijk – Moreno
Fabinho – Milner
Shaqiri – Keita – Mane

This team should be able to beat Burnley with Robertson, Salah and Wijnaldum getting rested. The CBs could also be rested but we’ll have to see. You don’t want to make too many changes and we could rotate 1-2 out against Bournemouth.

I think Shaqiri did well to get some dangerous balls into the box against Everton. They went unexploited then but maybe Origi would get onto them better than Mane. Speaking of Mane, I’d rest him but we have to respect Burnley and Mane could be vital in getting the 3 points. If he is in need of a rest, he could sit out Bournemouth as Salah comes back in.

Hopefully we’ll see more from Fabinho, developmentally. I know you didn’t think much of his overall performance against Everton but I thought he did well enough and would like to see him progress a bit more. Keita is pretty much the same. They need time and if we can afford it, they probably will develop faster in the same team. Our midfield of late has looked a bit samey and they both bring different things to it. We just need to give them time to fit into place. This is the best chance we’re going to get of that.

I have dropped Firmino from my team due to a lack of form.

I think we’ll win 2-0. Another clean sheet would be great but the points are what matters.



A real banana skin of a game and the type we historically feck up. Hopefully everyone will be on a high after the derby and the mentality will be right.

Would definitely leave Firmino out, there is no human being currently breathing on this planet who needs a break more than him. Would be dangerous to make wholesale changes and the thought of Moreno starting makes me tempted to put a bucket of money on Burnley, yes, he really is that bad.

The Bournemouth game worries me more tbh, the only team to give City a game since they played us. We have got to be on song midweek otherwise we may be made to look silly. Personally I think City will tank Watford.



I dont like the idea of resting any of our back 5 but if Robbo is a doubt then fair enough. I was thinking 442 for this game

Trent – Gomez – Van Dijk – Moreno
Shaqiri – Milner – Hendo _ Keita
Salah – Sturridge

If not the same players in a 4-3-3



The back 5 need a break at some stage.
After Burnley and Bournemouth this week we go straight into a must win against Napoli and then home to Utd.
Some players already looking leggy.
This presents the best opportunity for a wholeness to rest lads.

Not only do some need rest but others need minutes in their legs to keep them sharp. God forbid something happens to a centreback or Robbo I wouldn’t want to see a Lovren or Moreno come into the side for a few weeks to cover an injury having not played a game of football in months.
You need to keep those players hungry and interested too.


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