There was very little doubt but that has now disappeared for good. Lautaro Martinez does not have the slightest of intention of leaving Inter, with all due respect to Real Betis and Valencia. To confirm this is Beto Yaque in an exclusive interview with FCIN.

“Lautaro has always been happy. Then of course, just like any footballer, when he doesn’t play, he feels a bit… agitated. Perhaps he always feels that he is good enough to play every time. But now, he has calmed down. He is very happy in Milan and hopes for a prosperous 2019 for Inter and himself.

“The player has a five-year contract with the Nerazzurri with whom he is fine and does not want to leave. He will stay in Milan. He never thought of asking to leave. Yes, he does feel the lack of minutes but he has affection and trust of the fans, club and teammates. So I repeat, he never thought about leaving Inter.

“The goal against Napoli made him really happy. It was what he needed, it took the weight off of him. We knew that we only needed to wait for his adaptation to Italian football. The Lautaro of today is the real one. I told Zanetti that he would not have problems playing in Italy. He is doing well, growing and finding space. Being at Inter for 10 years is our goal. 

“Icardi? Off the pitch, they are friends. I believe that every time that they have the chance to play together, they try to create dangers for the opponents. Their teammates have an additional weapon in the attack. So yes, let’s give him some time but there is no doubt that they can do very well together.

“I do have to say that different clubs are interested in Martinez. Nothing is official because Inter have not told me anything. But intermediaries from Sevilla and Valencia called me to have a feel of how things are I guess… But from there, the feasibility of doing businesses passes and now it is impossible.”

Source: FCIN

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