We are officially past the half-way mark in the Premier League season.

As the games rush by, we are now entering what is commonly known as the ‘business end’ of the season, where titles are won and lost, heroes are made and zeros are forgotten, but most importantly only one team will finish with their respective captain lifting the Premier League trophy above their head in celebration of a historic campaign.

Realistically, there are three teams in with a chance of becoming the champions of England for the 2018/19 season.

Firstly, Liverpool are looking extremely impressive and have only just recently suffered their first defeat in the Premier League this season.

Their front three in Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane are working just as well as last season, with the Reds defence providing that extra cover at the back to transform Jurgen Klopp’s side into true title contenders.

The Merseyside club lost 2-1 to Manchester City who now occupy second-place and are just four points behind the Reds.

Pep Guardiola has won titles before, as have City, who together last year dominated English football with their heroic 100 point haul and record-breaking campaign. With their strength in depth enviable to most teams on the planet, they are always in with a strong chance of winning the title once again.

Tottenham. Remember Tottenham? The team that no-one seems to talk about in regards to a title challenge but have consolidated their position in the top three for the majority of the campaign and are just six points behind league leaders Liverpool.

With Mauricio Pochettino leading the likes of Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli among others, can you 100% rule them out with so many matches still to play?

We asked a number of football writers to offer their opinions on who they want to win the Premier League title out of the three most likely. Here is what they had to say.


Tom R: I don’t buy into the ‘anyone but Liverpool’ argument and would love to see them win it. They play fantastic football, have a likeable manager – who respects and relishes English football – and they deserve it after their progress in the last couple of years.

It would also be refreshing to have a new winner of the Premier League and be fascinating to see if they can enjoy a spell of dominance with a very determined chasing pack – both Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham – ready to hunt them down.

Let’s hope there are some famous scenes at Anfield come May – but ones the red side of Merseyside are celebrating this time.

Will: I am torn between the unbearable jubilation that will be displayed across the entirety of social media from Liverpool fans and my preference for some variation in who becomes the Premier League champion.

For me, the rise of Liverpool across recent years has been unavoidably admirable and their blistering tactics make them a team most neutrals can sit and marvel from an unbiased perspective.

Joe Gomez, Trent Alexander-Arnold,  Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Daniel Sturridge; their English foundation is something I fully support, mixed with a foreign cohesion that is electrifying week-in-week-out.

I also can’t help myself falling under the spectacle-wearing charms of Jurgen Klopp, with his character the personification of footballing entertainment.

City may be one of the best teams the Premier League has ever hosted, and a surprise title-win for Tottenham would cause the biggest havoc since Leicester City’s triumph a few years previous, but as a man whose opinion of Manchester United is emphatically poor, to see their arch-rivals push them further to the curb would be quite some sight.

Schadenfreude at it’s finest. 

Manchester City

Jake: As an Arsenal fan, it would be unbearable to see two teams that have previously been battling for top four with us to make the leap and become champions.

From a footballing perspective, the football Man City play at their best is scintillating. Sané, Sterling and Bernardo Silva in particular are glorious to watch so I would not begrudge them picking up another winners’ medal come May.

Muhammad: If I had to pick one side that I want to win the Premier League title out of the three contenders then it would have to be Manchester City. Pep Guardiola’s men play the best football; the most mesmeric, magical stuff that is the most delightful to watch. That alone makes them deserving winners.

Moreover, their win would be the first title retention since 2009 and make City just the third club to manage the fact in the Premier League era.

Yes, Liverpool’s victory would be packed with narrative and Spurs a delightful triumph of coaching prowess; but a Manchester City title retention would establish them as one of the greatest sides in the competition’s history and further ensure that they are, on the field at least, the blueprint for young footballers and coaches in England to follow for years to come.

Tom G: My preference would be for Man City to win the Premier League. As a West Ham fan, I can immediately remove Tottenham for obvious rivalry reasons. However, I am ranking Man City above Liverpool as they’re more of a neutral team who know they are where they are today because of money.

Whereas generally speaking, a lot of Liverpool fans have a sense of self-entitlement because historically they are a big team and sometimes give the impression to me that they feel they deserve a Premier League title. Plus I may just still be a bit salty that they beat us in the 2006 FA Cup Final…


Sam: Spurs are being billed as little more than ‘on the fringes’ of the Premier League title race – but it would be refreshing to see them outdo both Liverpool and Manchester City.

I’m a big fan of Mauricio Pochettino and the work he has done in north London given that he has helped develop – and handed valuable minutes to – so many youngsters.

However, the Argentinian’s project is at risk of faltering if a trophy does not arrive soon. The core of the team has been together for so long that heads may soon begin to turn.

It would be a shame if such a talented group of players failed to finally get their hands on some silverware before the inevitable break up and I’d like to see the north Londoners pip their free-spending rivals at the post.

It would make for one hell of a run-in for the neutrals.

Chris: An Evertonian can’t want Liverpool to win the Premier League, even if they think it’s a foregone conclusion, while City destroying the top flight again is surely a little boring? So, out of these three, it would be great to see Tottenham win it.

There aren’t many players I enjoy watching more in the Premier League than Harry Kane, he can do absolutely everything, while the likes of Son and Eriksen are unbelievable talents. Dele Alli can frustrate many, but he’s a very misunderstood player and absolutely lethal when deployed in his prefered ‘Raumdeuter’ role.

Whether or not Mauricio Pochettino will be at Spurs beyond this season is in doubt, but it would be fantastic to see both he and the vibrant young side he has created top things off with English football’s biggest prize.

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