Inter may need another bomber for next season given the relationship between the club and Mauro Icardi is on the verge of a breaking point (if it’s not already). The Argentinian’s quarrel with Inter makes us believe that in the summer he will look for a new team: this possibility is concrete. But are Inter gearing up to replace Icardi? The season is in full swing and so it is pointless to ask its management right now. 

Lautaro Martinez, meanwhile, has been playing regularly in recent weeks but it is clear that to replace Icardi, Inter need someone of his equal. In Serie A, Edin Dzeko is a possible candidate who was linked to Inter in the past. The Bosnian would be an ideal teacher for Lautaro but right now this is a theory.

The same can be said in a couple of weeks when Inter will take on Eintracht Frankfurt which have another excellent candidate: Luka Jovic. The player is only 21 years old but he is the top goalscorer in Germany. Eintracht will redeem him for €10M and will slap on a price tag of no less than €40M. He is also wanted by Barcelona and many more. If Inter indeed are interested in Jovic, he won’t be an easy target.

Source: GdS

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