After closing Icardi’s situation, which is expected to make good progress in January, Inter will try to look ahead, filling other pages of its own agenda. The Nerazzurri will need to make a capital gain between 40-50 million euros but from July 1st, everything will be different, although it will be difficult for a top player like Ronaldo to arrive immediately.

That’s why maybe this time, the club can create the right conditions to get to a player like Luka Modric, to get closer to Juventus. The “midsummer dream” (said by Ausilio) is still there and has not left Inter’s radar completely. Perez still does not have the yes from Luka who is not convinced to stay and is very enticed by the idea of playing with other Croatians in Milan.

If there is no new contract in Madrid, Inter will try: with Modric freed at no cost, Suning will offer a top salary.

Source: GdS

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