Manchester United fans reflect on another disappointing result, while our Chelsea readers are heaping pressure on Maurizio Sarri in Your Says of the Day.

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You watch Bailly and Rojo and think, hey, these guys are doing ok. But you know it’s only a matter of time before they make an elementary mistake. I’m afraid you just can’t have guys like that anywhere near your back four. Lingard scored and ran around a bit but there’s very little end product – not good enough. Lukaku came on and did f**k all and Matic is s cart horse who’s way past his sell by date. Very poor group of players. Plenty of effort, which should be a given, but f**k all quality. They look mid table, which is about where they might finish.


If you sort out the bread and butter of beating a dire Crystal Palace and a sh*t Southampton you can shrug your shoulders at drawing with Arsenal, especially as they are on their uppers at the moment.

How sad though, when we’re in a big game that a) the two most expensive signings in our history aren’t worthy of a start and b) with the game finally poised we actually look worse when the two most expensive signings are brought on to the pitch. Neither had the simple gumption to influence that game in any way whatsoever.

wonderfuel gas

Its just impossible to see how this team will improve. Another shambolic team selection, comedy defending, no creativity in midfield and utterly clueless attacking. How Hererra gets picked ahead of Fred astonishes me. Dalot looked hopelessly out of his depth. Where do you start with the clearout!!!?


Didn’t watch the game, but not too surprised that Arsenal despite an obvious upturn in fortunes under Emery couldn’t beat us tonight despite us probably having our worst outfit since the Dave Sexton era 40 years ago. They might have improved, but they are still not that much better than us!.

Quite how Pogba can be picked ahead of Fred despite his obvious downing of tools against Southampton and being called a virus by Mourinho after the match god only knows and the poor guy must be wondering what the f**k is going on, especially when he sees McTominay also picked ahead of him who is not much more than a pub player.

So on it goes to the next game and what should be a comfortable win against Fulham who have been shipping loads of goals all season, I for one won’t be holding my breath!.


United like to make lists of targets for positions blacky. I would wager Fred was the bottom of Mourinho’s list for a midfielder. Or there was a deal to be done with his agent that impacted on some commercial side of the business that made it viable to bring him in. McTominay hasn’t been picked ahead of Fred either, he’s been picked ahead of Bailly and Rojo in defence to make a point to Woodward.

I’m not 100% buying this worst since Sexton either. We are definitely not worse than those early Fergie sides with Colin Gibson and such like from around 86-89. It’s not saying much mind you.

wonderfuel gas

Thought Bailly did ok, looked a bit rusty but that’s to be expected. Dalot and Rojo tired massively as the game went on. I think this led to Rojo’s error for their goal however he is a red card waiting to happen. The foul he was booked for and the goal were both high risk tackles that either weren’t necessary or due to an error.



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Seems that we will likely be the team to seriously threaten City for the title and I’m wondering if we should not give players like Sturridge and Matip more game time so as to have a fresher squad next year. I could well picture the pair in midfield.

Sturridge could bring some flair and creativity in that department and Matip has an eye for a good pass and does not fear to drive forward whenever he gets the opportunity.


This is a joke, right? It’s not April 1st is it? Sturridge is frightened of a tackle, so how long do you think he’d last in midfield before he gets another “injury”? Hmmm, bringing creativity to the midfield … he seems to have an aversion to passing the ball, so how could be possibly be creative? As for Matip, he’s a 6ft2 (or more) defender who never wins a header. Neither of these two is good enough in their proper roles, so what makes you think they would succeed in midfield? We’ve got plenty of midfielders to play there.

Derek Wirral

I agree that we should be rotating the odd player. the thing is, you wonder how much the change in our system is down to Klopp wanting to manage fatigue? I think it’s forgotten because of how we play and some other things but Klopp is very much focused around fitness. Doesnt he have a masters or something in the field? I read before that he did his thesis about walking.

My point is that although I think we should be rotating players a bit, maybe we won’t need as much as we did previously. Either way, I would hope to see the defence given a rest soon, before it gets crazy hectic.


Think that if we wait for players to get tired before giving them a rest then it’s too late, have seen many freak results in February, March last year we almost gave Chelsea a lifeline for the fourth spot that’s why I think the league may be decided on either City or us or a third contender drawing or losing against a relegation threatened team in these months.

Derek Wirral: I’m not saying that we play those two players against Utd or Arsenal but against the likes of Burnley or Hudderfield at home would not be such a big risk. City have a bottomless pit of cash that’s why when Mangala was not up to standard Pep bought Otamendi only to demote the Argentine after he bought Stones and Laporte. We can’t emulate him so that’s why I think we should get all players involved in the campaign.

Not only to give others a rest but to keep them on their toes and avoid rustiness if we are forced to put them in the starting line up.

I could argue that Matip would do a better job in midfield than Keita right now as the latter seems completely out of sync with his team mates, whereas the former knows our system and has developed a good understanding with the other players.

As for Sturridge I consider to be one of the most intelligent players in the squad and he is wasted on the bench. He was trying to make things happen in the vicinity of the crowded penalty box against Everton and got them worried in the short time he was on. Doubt if we had bought Fekir that tackling would have been one of his forte.

Lastly I would add that Mourinho deployed Luiz in midfield and Conte deployed Moses as a wing back all to good effect.


More realistic is to play Fabinho at RB, or Milner at LB, but only as a last resort like in the event of an injury crisis. Both these players have proved themselves in these positions, with Fabinho actually playing for Brazil mostly at RB



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Another joke of a performance allowing Wolves into this. This team has no b*llocks and the manager doesnt understand English football. I hope these substitutions work or else our confidence will be so low against City we will be humiliated- again! Come on Chelsea COME ON!


Another defeat another week of pressure for Sarri. I don’t know how people expected different result from the same squad? Mango trees doesn’t give you oranges. We knew that our squad cannot play high press and quick football where we are to dominate possession.but choose to ignore. They had always been prepared to sit back and soak up pressure. Another Europa League campaign is on the cards. And possibly losing Kante, Hazard and Loftus Cheek. Will Sarri change his way to suit the squad at his disposal by returning Kante at his natural position before its too late?


Am actually begining to worry about Sarri’s sturborness and his refusal to see what 6 billion in this world saw. In the PL you need a specialist defensive midfielder. What worries me most is the ease at which teams reach our defences. And Sarri is refusing to address. I care the 3 points first, then the the style if football. It will take a while for me to get over from this defeat.😢


LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 29: Chelsea manager  head coach Maurizio Sarri during the UEFA Europa League Group L match between Chelsea and PAOK at Stamford Bridge on November 29, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

70% possession , 17 shots but only 3 on target tells the story.

Whatever else might need solving until we solve the striker connundrum we will struggle to score goals there’s not enough goals through the rest of the team and no matter how much you dominate the game if you don’t score goals results like this happen. Still at least it’s only City on Saturday!

nine nine nine

Let’s change it from No Plan B Sideways Sarri to See Ya Sarri!

This is a guy who comes off with crap like We don’t need a Captain, Blames World Cup Winner, 2 X PL Winner and FA Cup Winner Kante, who he is playing out of position for the Spurs loss, says the Chelsea Squad has a mental block and is building his team around a player whose total honours consist of winning the Italian equivalent of the FA Cup and Charity Shield four and a half seasons ago….. which is two trophies more than the Coach has won!!

Also still have not seen Wegner in public since the end of last season …. bet if you were to break into his house you would find a fat suit and a rubber mask resembling a dark haired, balding nose picking Italian with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth!


Kinell!…Wolves?…someone pinch me to wake me out of my slumber!.Pains me to be jumping on the’I told you so’ bandwagon.Sarri needs to swallow his pride and do an about turn to restore Kante to the position he’s become World renound for,but you what?,I ain’t holding my breath,got a feeling Sarri is a ‘one trick pony’ and he only knows one way how to play the game and hasn’t got a plan B!.Yes,I know…knee jerk reaction but I believe this result is going to set us back a bit!



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