Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford’s career “could be over before he’s 30,” according to former England manager Sam Allardyce. 

Rashford has shown his excellence in recent weeks with United’s form improving greatly since Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s arrival at the club as caretaker manager.

Is Rashford’s career at risk? Four key things to know…

  1. Since making his debut in 2016, Rashford has now made 150 appearances for the Red Devils.
  2. Aged just 20, he has also scored 41 goals in this time.
  3. Rashford is also considered a key element on the international stage having achieved 31 caps and scored six goals.
  4. Between Rashford’s busy United schedule to England’s summer fixtures, the talented forward has little time to rest.

Speaking on Tuesday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Allardyce was discussing the development of Rashford and how that his relentless football schedule may cost the youngster in the long run.

Referring to potential injuries or general wear and tear, Allardyce believes that it could become very difficult for Rashford to continue playing at this standard beyond the age of 30.

Allardyce said: “It will be very difficult for him to still be playing at 30, because of the demand physically and mentally and the fatigue he will suffer.

“He’ll have three weeks a year off. That’s it. There’s no pre-season any more. They go playing straight away in these tournaments, he’ll play all over the world and he’ll play for his country.

“Even if he doesn’t get any major injures, by 25 he’ll have niggles just from wear and tear.

“The knees and ankles, the hips, his back will start being a problem as he goes on.

“It wont stop him playing but I think later on in life it will bring his career to an end quicker.

“If you’re looking at the Premier League now, there are fewer players over 30 playing now than ever.”

Rashford continues to improve

The rapid striker has continued to develop into one of the most exciting attacking prospects in the Premier League.

Despite United’s poor campaign, Solskjær’s arrival has kick-started the club’s season all over again and Rashford seems to be responding to the change of leadership at Old Trafford.

Rashford has scored eight Premier League goals so far this campaign, which is already more than any other season he has participated in since his debut four seasons ago.

The 21-year-old has scored six goals in the last eight Premier League games, including one goal in each of the past four league matches.

With United winning all seven games under Solskjær’s leadership, while Rashford continues to perform so effectively that main striker Romelu Lukaku has been pushed to the bench to accommodate Rashford, all things are looking up for the England international.

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