A mix of established champions and young talents, possibly Italians. Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio are thinking of this strategy to strengthen Inter for the coming season.

“A catalyst and a focal point of this is someone like Modric, without forgetting Italy’s finest young talents. Inter have had Barella in their palms for months and can only decide not to take him. Keep in mind that the Cagliari midfielder is attracting a lot of attention from abroad. Chiesa’s situation is in balance but it will depend on his will to stay in Florence or not. For the winger, negotiation starts at 60 million euros.

“Biraghi was and remains a long time target of Ausilio, bringing him back would solve the UEFA squad list issue. Tonali costs a lot, he intrigues Inter but is not a necessity. Andersen is not Italian but he is young and looks like a miniature Skriniar.”

Source: CdS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2018/12/14/marotta-and-ausilio-going-after-young-italian-talents-barella-chiesa-tonali-and-biraghi