Beppe Marotta has been an Inter executive since yesterday and he will work together with sporting director Piero Ausilio, Baccin and Gardini with regards to the transfer market.

Will he have a difficult time collaborating with others? No, this won’t be the case as explained by the Corriere dello Sport.

“We laugh when we hear that the presence of a transfer market director alongside Marotta can be destabilizing. Exactly the opposite. The great generals want real men by their side, decision-makers, rather than soldiers without balls. Marotta made Paratici when he was put aside by Sampdoria but he will not need to do that with Ausilio because the Inter director has been doing this for a while. A director must be friend with his CEO, especially if that CEO was a director before. Suning needs a strong, durable and world class Inter: these are the objectives that do not revolved around problems but they resolve it.”

Source: CdS

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